Dr. William H. West

Your MealMD Doctor

For more than 10 years, Dr. West has served as chairman of The Prevention Group, LLC. with a focus on wellness and weight management. Dr. West plays a crucial role at MealMD. His prescribed meal plans are essential for good health and successful weight loss. As the lead doctor on staff, he makes recommendations and reviews menus, ensuring that clients get the most nutrition possible in each MealMD box.

Dr. West is passionate about MealMD because this program accomplishes weight loss without full-blown ketosis, making it a healthier, sustainable, long-term solution for healthy eating habits. Based on countless satisfied customers who have achieved their desired results, this proven eating plan can work for anyone. MealMD teaches clients how to create better eating habits, improve insulin resistance issues, and keep the weight off for good.

Qualifications: B.A., Harvard College, M.D., Johns Hopkins Medical School., Medical Oncology Board Certified

Eliot Morris

Director of MealMD

Based on his own experience, Eliot Morris understands how eating habits directly affect your health. After spending years playing music and touring around the country, he felt chronically tired and inflamed. Working with his father-in-law, Dr. West, he discovered that the problem was sugar – and conventional eating and diets did not address the problem of insulin resistance. Together, they founded MealMD to help clients achieve better health through a simple program that makes healthy eating easy.

Why Eliot Believes in MealMD: “I love that MealMD is truly a holistic approach to good health and better living. We are basically introducing moderation to people’s diets. But this is not a diet – MealMD is a lifestyle. We want to define a center-lane for people. A road that they can stay on for life that includes the occasional exit ramp when reasons to celebrate arise. And you don't have to commit to massive calorie deficits, or a life deprived of pleasure. It’s easier than most think, and it all starts with our daily food choices.”