What’s the difference between us and those other guys?  We approach your health and weight loss strategy with a legitimate, science-based meal planning service and educational program designed to maximize your body’s natural functions to burn fat fast.  Our meals are pre-cooked, pre-portioned, and with over 75 different gourmet options to choose from, we have something for everyone.

Smart Meals. Backed By Science

Our chefs and dietitians work together closely to develop delicious meals that boost your metabolism, improve your digestion, and infuse your body with energy.  When you sign up for our meal plan boxes, we’ll help you build a plan that’s right for you based on a variety of comprehensive criteria.  We realize that everyone has their own goals, and we pride ourselves on having a truly integrative approach to wellness and weight loss.  Our goal is to help you achieve better health and successful weight loss so you can get back to doing more of the things you love.  MealMD is here to empower you to live a healthy lifestyle in a fast-paced world. You’ll enjoy healthy, hassle free meals that make losing weight and feeling great simple.

Why MealMD Works

No Counting

Calories, macros, portion sizes.  It’s no wonder that so many diets fail within the first week.  That’s why MealMD is different. MealMD is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.  We perfectly portion our delicious and fresh meals to fit seamlessly into your life.  Every week, just select your favorite meals from our ever-growing list of choices, pick them up (or have them delivered), heat them, and enjoy.  You can eat worry-free, knowing that we’ve taken care of all the numbers for you.



When you sign up for MealMD, you’re not just getting healthy, high quality fresh meals, you’re also getting six weeks’ worth of learning materials to help you discover the science behind healthy eating and how our diet affects our bodies and well-being. You’ll gain access to a health coach and convenient, downloadable resources designed to teach you how to lose weight for good! Part of living a healthier lifestyle is understanding the how and why, and MealMD is dedicated to empowering its members to be successful.



One element that really makes MealMD unique is our hands-on approach.  Ultimately, our goal is to teach you how to make sustainable, healthy lifestyle choices through intensive support, nutrition coaching, and education.  Our coaches will regularly check in with you to address concerns, help you adjust, and cheer you on.



Losing weight and eating better is easier when you do it together!  Signing up for MealMD gives you access to our ever-growing online community of people navigating their health journeys just like you.  See testimonials, success stories, shared struggles, progress pics, and more!

The Food

One of the best things about joining the MealMD community is the food!  Some programs reduce fat and limit protein.  MealMD is here to say:  BRING BACK THE FAT!  Our delicious, chef prepared meals are fresh and ready to eat in minutes with entrees featuring steak, fish, pork, chicken, and nutritious vegetables.  All of our meals are designed with your personal nutrition in mind.  We even change our menu every week.  After all, variety is the spice of life!

Start Your MealMD Journey

Make this year the healthiest one yet!  Let us handle the details while you enjoy fresh, chef prepared meals without all the fuss.  Sign up today and get your perfect prescription for weight loss!